Eau So Yoga, The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach

I've searched the world over to bring you what I think will be the best yoga/beach retreat imaginable.

This weekend I will attend, in your honor, the first of two spring yoga retreats at The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach. If you haven't booked your tickets yet, call AirTran now and join us! There is no better way to introduce yourself to the legendary Eau Spa by Cornelia.

The Eau So Yoga package features guestroom accommodations, ocean view morning yoga classes (90 minutes with Jimmy Barkan May 1 & 2; then with Keith Fox May 8 & 9), integrative mind-body work sessions, daily breakfast and access to Eau Spa by Cornelia to linger and lounge in the Self-Centered Garden and Bath Lounge all starting at $299 per night. We'll see you there!

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