Sissy Toes by My Little Sis!

This will be my most favorite blog post ever, mostly because it was written by my little sister who is the cutest 8 year old on the planet. She has decided she wants to be a writer and a blogger. I decided she didn't have to wait. She has also had more mani-pedi's than most women will ever have in their entire life time. For this one she chose OPI Blue My Mind. She is the cutest!!!

My sister is the best sister ever ! This weekend we had the my half b-day weekend! My sister picked me up from school Friday afternoon. We did: go and eat custard - it was amazing! We had movie night! The next day we got sissy toes it was so fun and relaxing! Then we went to this amazing sushi place now we watch Alvin and the Chipmunks! I'll write some time soon again!

-Sissy, also known as the best sister ever!


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