From Brooklyn to the Rainforest: A Manhattan Mani-Pedi Story

It's been just under seven years since I've lived in Manhattan proper. During that first stint as a New Yorker every experience I had in Brooklyn centered in Williamsburg and ended with a firm resolution to never return. Last night, having a vague sense that I owed the journey to an old friend, I boarded the subway for the 45 minute excursion. Happily, I found nothing but beauty in the borough across the bay. Delighted by a magical neighborhood of old country estates and panoramic views from the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State building, I find myself wondering why exactly I'm in Manhattan at the moment.

Manhattan is demanding- which is one of the (many) reasons I love it. Still, after demanding my feet to march the entirety of the island in one week, they were long overdue for downtime. I decided a retreat to the rainforest might give me some perspective on that other exotic distant land, Brooklyn.
I took my reprieve on West 8th Street at the eco-friendly Eve Salon.

Their seasonal Rainforest Renewal Manicure and Pedicure and uber comfortable pedi couches provided the respite I needed to reflect on my return to Brooklyn. With a restorative Star Fruit Banana Butter Crème Bath, and a delicious Passion Fruit Guava Body Scrub underway I got to thinking. Or at least, I tried. Maybe it was all the Acai antioxidants floating around but I really couldn't come up with anything. Just that, all these years I've been fixated on Manhattan, my time here, what I'd do differently, when and if to return. All this time humble, happy, simply beautiful Brooklyn was just across the river and last night it afforded me views of Manhattan, and the many lives I've lived here, that have left me very, simply happy.

Still, whether you're a city girl or a country bumpkin your time in the elegant elevated couches at Eve Salon will melt your mind just past the stop marked "Soul Searching" and drop you off at "Excessively Happy". (Ask for Jane if she's available) Enjoy!
Services in this post were provided at no cost for editorial review.

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