O Magazine, The Big Deals Issue

Were it not for Oprah parenting me through a large part of my adolescence via her Maya Aneglou tauting after school episodes, I'm not sure where I'd be though I doubt life would be as sweet as it is at this very moment. So, when Mama O says something is a big deal I listen. This August, The Big Deals Issue offers readers the ultimate treat: an entire issue filled with spectacular giveaways and bargains.

“When you consider how many compromises and trade-offs all of us make every day—it’s clear that deals make the world go round,” says Oprah Winfrey. “Which is why, this month, we’re exploring just about every kind of deal there is—to help you feel good about every one you make.”

Mama O's Beauty Bargains: Beauty: 25 for $25 (or Less!): O editors wheeled and dealed and scored more than two dozen beauty bargains (some over 75 perfect off) on readers behalf. Pretty products for a bargain include: Dr. Loretta Dermatologist Skin Care Youthful Wri-Lax, $25 – down from $100. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour set $25 from $41 and Colbert M.D. Heal & Sooth: Night $25 from $140.

Val's beauty tip: Pick your polish wisely: Many salons use nail polish thinners when their old polishes start to thicken with age. Thinners compromise both the color and integrity of the formula. If the bottle is less than three quarters full, ask for a new one. The August Issue hits stands July 13. Enjoy!


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