Packing it up

Tomorrow I leave for a month in New York. My clothes are packed. Books look they will fit. But there is no earthly way I can possibly fit the beauty closet into regulation-sized luggage and pay less than $300 in baggage fees. Bummer. So it's time to keep only what really really matters. It seems life, in an effort to conspire with my most memorable trips, has a way of systematically clearing the decks to make room for the bounty of the journey to come. The eternal march of life and airline penny pinching have forced me to be brutal. So what exactly will make it into my one precious carry-on and my only slightly less precious checked bag?

This, the most coveted of all beauty spot dream products: The Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare Overnight Travel Kit will be a guaranteed carry on. With a travel size Cleanse and Polish AND the life-saving (hides even a bad break up) Brightening Treatment Mask I can not imagine how I could possibly feel more prepared for NYC. Here is a full list of the little lovelies included in this even lovelier case. As for the checked baggage think Hip and Thigh Gel, Foot Scrub and Repair, Bust Treatment miracle cream and on and on and on. Liz Earle, you have my heart and all of the prime real estate in my precious luggage. Enjoy!
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