I didn't realize my Tongue was dirty.

I was walking through Whole Foods the other night with my dear friend and I noticed an odd horse-shoe shaped device hanging in their beauty section. "What's that? What's a tongue scraper?" She looked at me as if I just asked who Britney Spears was. "You have never seen a tongue scraper? Weird. Yeah my boyfriend uses one all the time. That's why he has such great breath." I instantly thought to myself, 'How ridiculous. I brush and floss and I'm so glad I'm not going to have to add that to beauty routine.' My next thought changed the "mouth section" of my daily routine forever. 'Oh god! What if I am like her and I just don't know it?' See there is this woman who I really think would be cool to hang out with but I never get past the breath. It's awful and it often makes me want to vomit. Sad. Because I really do think I'd get along with her, otherwise. Anyhow I suddenly realized that since I didn't use a tongue scraper I had no way of knowing if in fact my breath was good or bad. A week later I returned to one of my best beauty secrets, The Chopra Center's website, to order my trusty new tongue cleaner. It arrived yesterday, with my new Neti Pot, and I love it. My tongue looks cleaner and my mouth feels cleaner and it takes about 10 seconds to do. For dditional encouragement, see what this cute midwestern Dentist has to say about it.


superjessica said...

It's me isn't it? I'm the one with the bad breath. I knew it wasn't just my irritating personality that keeps people away... I'll scrape I swear it.

Laurie said...

No worries. The "she" I reffered to isn't someone who would be reading this blog!