Core Fusion at Exhale Spa NYC Changed My Life

Since Exhale Spa is giving away free meditation classes I decided to visit their Central Park South outpost yesterday to do research on behalf of you, my lovely readers. Let me just say, though I couldn't make the mediation class, these instructors are simply the best I have ever seen. You must go. In a one hour Core Fusion Basic class they may change your life, as they did mine.

Despite being possibly the most out of shape person in the class, one hour in Core Fusion (basic!) increased my stamina and convinced me that I can in fact change the shape of my body. Diana, the sprite-sized yogini instructing the class, had a sinewy toned body which I imagined to have the automotive equivalent of a two-door mini cooper with a supped up engine. After an hour of watching her body pretzel about the room I've decided I have the flexibility of a grandma in an assisted living facility. Still, in my workout today I noticed increased stamina and Diana's stretches are releasing muscles that have been bound up for years.

Just like core fusion itself, the music, was outstanding and a bit of the best of everything - moving from LL Cool J to Enya without missing a beat. With 10 minutes left in the class, just as all of my limbs were convulsing and I swore I couldn't go on, LL Cool J started saying things like, "Push it out girl. Arch your back." and "Come on, come on, move somethin'. Come on, come on, prove somethin'. Do a split if you're really hard core" Done and Done.

Let's just say when LL speaks I listen. "Hurt me girl. Move somethin'."

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