Beauty Fortuity: The Shaving Cream Revolution

Would you like a shaving cream that makes your legs silks for days? (Days!) Would you like shaving cream that doesn't rinse off the second water hits it? Would you like a shaving cream that seems to inhibit the pace of hair growth? Then stop using shaving cream.

Ladies it's time to relocate your leg lotion. The other night with body creams as far as the eye could see and not a shaving cream within eye shot, I decided to take a chance on love, or at least, lotion.

I will never, ever, use shaving cream again. I suggest using (as I did) Noodle & Boo Lovely Body Lotion and rinsing with their Heavenly Honey Wash. Both items can be purchased as the delightful duo "Simply Divine" The largely organic list of ingredients and the heightened attention to sensitive skin make all Noodle & Boo products a favorite for kids and their health conscious moms. For us single gals, long lasting silky legs aren't a bad side effect either. Enjoy!


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