Ultimate Red by Estée Lauder

I'm fairly most 28 year women don't shower, brush their teeth, tuck themselves into bed for a good night's sleep - then pop out of bed because the new Estee Lauder Limited Edition Lip Gloss is calling their name. That, I suppose, is why I'm a beauty blogger and why, at 11:30 p.m, I'm pajamas from the neck down and Christmas Ball from the neck up.

Estee's new Ultimate Red collection launches on the cusp of this, the most sensuous of seasons and the entire collection is to die for. Though, being a lip gloss fanatic, these thick, smooth, perfectly-tinted twin tubes of red and glistening gold are really a more bountifully beautiful gift than a girl can calmly handle. They are a-MAY-zing and are guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. Enjoy!

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Faye said...

Oooh some really pretty products, not too sure on the red eyeshadow in the top compact though! Love the nail varnish and the lipsticks :D