Healthy Hair = Hot Hair: EO

In March of '08 when I walked into my very first celeb stylist appointment (where they invited me to come rather than me begging for their next available in like 2012) the shampoo girl was floored at the vibrant health of my hair. "I've only used EO's organic shampoo for two years," I truthfully told her. Little was I to know, that was the last sulfate-free breath these locks would take for 18 months. In the name of beauty editor duty I happily began testing all kinds of delightful, effective (but not organic) shampoo. Sometime last year my little neighborhood Whole Foods stopped carrying my EO conditioner, thus extinguishing any final attempts at organic hair care.

Meantime, my locks have been unruly and (except for when I visit my new hair boyfriend Neven) unsightly. Alas, my hair nightmare is over. EO has (finally!) redesigned and relaunched their entire look and my hair is building its way back to optimal organic health. After two paraben-free shampoos - no frizz, just happy healthy curls. Even my most oblivious male office mates today inquired "Are you going somewhere after work? You look different." EO. Love.

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