Beauty's Product: Artemis Woman® Heel Smoother™ Optimum

With the whole worldwide economic crash thingy I've noticed something. My toes are suffering. This weekend for the first time in literally years I got a mani - no pedi. That's right I am currently ridiculously lucky and grateful that this is my big financial woe and I'm wearing Parlez vouz OPI on my fingers and OPI Chick-Flick Cherry on my toes. I figure its winter and I'd rather spend the money elsewhere but thanks to Artemis Woman tight times no longer mean ugly feet. the NEW Artemis Woman® Heel Smoother™ Optimum is the best way to preserve your pedi precious paws this season.
Plug it in. Charge it up. Now, transform your feet by buzzing away the cracked, calloused, tired skin SAFELY. It also arrives just in time for Christmas fun in the sun. The Optimum is the third generation Heel Smoother and it means business! It’s rechargeable so no batteries are needed. The charging stand, which sits pretty on a vanity or shelf, has storage space to stow-away the three extra DuraCrystal® tips. These interchangeable tips are made of aluminum oxide crystals, the same as used in professional microdermabrasion treatments. There’s the big Salon Pro tip, a no nonsense turbo-ball with extra grit to remove the most stubborn calluses and cracks. Then there’s the basic Regular tip used for the heels and ball of the foot. Last is the Fine tip that is great on cuticles and in between and around the toes. Tips change like “snapwork.” Pull one out; snap a new one in. It’s that easy! Of course the Optimum is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower, although the best results are achieved on dry, clean feet.
Artemis Until recently, the Optimum was only available in a podiatrist office or a spa but now it is available at retail. No matter which Heel Smoother is being used, it is still the ultimate pedicure device to safely and effectively remove calloused, cracked and challenged skin from the feet and heels. Artemis Woman Heel Smoothers are the only pedicure tools of their type to be permitted to use the prestigious Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association. All Heel Smoothers are Doctor Recommended to safely and successfully remove calloused, dry skin without the OUCH! The Artemis Woman Heel Smoother Optimum is sold Exclusively in the Bliss Catalogue, and It sells for $39.99.

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