Beauty's Spa: Founder of Nelson J Salon Offers Up Eco-Friendly, Wallet-Friendly Hair Coloring Tips!

Nelson Chan is a doll. I met him in May at his eco-friendly "Nelson J" hair salon in Beverly Hills. Now he is finding creative new ways to save the planet, your hair color, and your wallet. See. Doll. I told you.

As a celebrity haircolorist and stylist Nelson, offers cost-effective maintenance routines for women concerned that their haircolor and haircuts do not break the budget in this tough economic climate. "If budget is preventing a client from coming into the salon every 4 weeks to touch up their base and highlights, I advise women to color the re-growth area at home and then come to the salon only for their highlights and cuts," explains Chan, who was recently named "Best of LA" by Los Angeles Magazine for "ammonia-free haircoloring" (August 2008). "While it's possible to easily do the re-growth area at home, the highlights are complicated because they require more skill, as their placement is so important."Chan's advice for at-home haircoloring at four-week intervals is as follows:- Don't overlap the haircolor, only apply it to the re-growth area - Use ammonia-free haircolor to refresh this area, as ammonia damages hair- Or use semi-permanent colors- Color re-growth every four weeks (this may save $50 - $100 per month)- Always follow color with a moisturizing treatment: after shampooing, towel dry hair, then apply moisturizer on ends, letting it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it out.

Revise Highlight Maintenance Routine: "For highlights, you can generally wait up to 2-3 months before coming to the salon if your haircolor and highlights are generally dark. But if your haircolor is light, or if your highlights contrast greatly from your natural haircolor, I recommend coming in every 6 weeks," states Chan.

Saving Money on Hair Cuts: Chan's advice for saving money on a cut is to reduce the frequency of visits, as well as be creative in styling hair in-between the salon visits. He advises clients to always see their hairdresser to maintain the shape and health of their tresses. For short-hair clients, he suggests getting a trim every six weeks. But for long-hair clients, he believes clients can wait up to 12 weeks before getting a cut. "While you are waiting for the next cut, I recommend styling your hair creatively with hot rollers or a curling iron, or else putting it into a ponytail to keep the hair looking smart, sexy and fun."With a diverse group of clients who range from modern busy executives, hurried socialites, time-deprived industry regulars, stay-at-home moms, to celebrities who expect "camera ready" results in a minimum of time.

The Nelson J Salon also offers house calls on request. It is located at 350 N. Bedford Drive in Beverly Hills.

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