Beauty's Product: Holiday Compacts by Estée Lauder and a Bit of Beauty History.

Estée Lauder has produced a new edition of collectible compacts every year since the first pressed powder compact in 1963. (See below to view the legend's personal collection.) While the original designs belonged to Mrs. Estée herself later years have seen creations from world renown artists. Jay Strongwater heeds the call again this year with 6 fanciful creations, one of which is pictured below. Of all the compacts, the dragonfly is my favorite. "Perfection" is all have to say about that. Each of the three examples below feature the White Linen scent.

White Linen Crystal Blue Dragonfly $250.00 comes from the"Behold a Spectacle" line of unique compacts. In exclusive distribution at Saks Fifth Avenue, this menagerie of whimsical offerings is characterized by intrinsic fascination and wonderment. Have you ever?
Pure White Linen Holiday Star $85.00. From the "A Sweet Tradition"line which includes five adorable solid perfume compacts, each filled with an Estée Lauder signature solid fragrance, encapsulating the holiday good cheer. I choose the white linen compact because of it's classic design and White Linen is one of my favorite Estee scents.

Jay Strongwater White Linen Passementerie Bow $325.00
The "Where Child’s Play Meets Natural Wonder Wrapped in a Beautiful Bow" collection is available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. This eclectic assortment of enamel and CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Element-adorned designs is punctuated by exquisite detailing and ornamental color, some offering moveable parts to arouse play. I adore this classic design.

To date more than 750 one-of-a-kind designs have been created, and thousands have sold worldwide. When it’s not traveling the world, the permanent collection is catalogued and archived at Estée Lauder headquarters in New York City. Pictured below is Mrs. Estée's personal collection from her office.

More than 30 new compact designs are available at Estée Lauder counters now.

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