Audrey Tautou is Chanel No. 5

Though Audrey Tautou made her debut as Coco Chanel to French-speaking audiences in Coco Avant Chanel during the movie's French premiere on April 22 Americans will have to settle for the May 5 debut of her new No. 5 commercial. There is no stateside release date for Coco Avant Chanel yet (though I've been anticipating it for over a year!) I'd consider a trip to Paris to watch the film but I'd have to learn french on the way over. Until then we'll have to settle for this behind the scenes of the new No 5 commercial, debuting on in three short days (May 5, but of course!) You can also indulge your Coco-minded fantasies in this, the best article ever written about the history of the No 5 campaign.

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