The Pine Salt Scrub at Pinehurst

A dear friend of mine said to me last week, "You seem so happy and relaxed!" Only momentarily stumped as to the cause of this elation, he followed this declaration with a quick, "When was the last time you went to Pinehurst?" I laughed and confessed it had been only two days earlier.

When it's big decision time I believe there is a historical precedent for retreating to a quiet, peaceful place so that one might better hear the inner voice. Why not carry out said retreat at a spa where they regularly ask "Would you care for a complimentary smoothie?" and "Can I turn the jets on for you?"

In this particular case the decision was school or fantastic (completely unforeseen) job offer. Seeing as the universe had afforded me such abundant choices I decided to afford myself the The Pine Salt Scrub, a forty dollar price increase over my usual Bath Escape.

This full body exfoliation uses the highest quality pine salts to slough off the outermost epidermis. After a quick rinse, your lovely spa attendant soothes every last inch of you with a rich sweetly scented moisturizer. If you didn't take my advice after the Vichy Shower at Bliss, please afford the luxury of having another adult bath you in this completely fantastic spa ritual. The scent of Pinehurst's signature treatment is crisp and refreshing, like pine needles on the forest floor freshly fragrant from a spring rain. Delicious. After being reduced to a non-verbal blob I decided I was down with the abundance idea and went for the job. Enjoy!

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