Heart Your Hair-Boyfriend. Say "No" to Diversion

Yesterday I learned that if I'd like to ride the mechanical bull in Downtown Durham I need to have my shirt tails tucked in. Today I learned what "Diversion" is to the beauty-set. I'm learning a lot these days.

"Diversion – the sale of professional haircare products in unauthorized non-salon retailers including drugstores and online retailers." It's about time we girls had our own dictionary, no?Here are the Top Five Reasons to Buy Professional Haircare Products ONLY in Salons:

-Products cost up to 15% less in salons than at unauthorized retailers.

-Products are only guaranteed to be 100% authentic when purchased at salons – products sold at unauthorized retailers can actually be contaminated or even counterfeit.

-Salons carry the most up-to-date product and newest formulations, unlike unauthorized retailers who usually have much older stock.

-Your stylist is an expert and can give you the best advice on the right products for your hair type and condition.

-Support your hairdresser and salon! Every beauty girl needs a good hair-boyfriend. Cause a stylist isn't a service provider. Your stylist should be, like a boyfriend, carefully selected. Lucky girl that I am I have three. Daniel in LA, Ted in New York, and Angus in North Carolina. (Don't get to jealous, my surplus in high quality hair-boyfriends is matched only by a serious shortage in quality actual boyfriends.) The woman in the video below was actually caught by her hair-boyfriend buying product at an unauthorized dealer.

To help educate both consumers and hairdressers on Diversion, Biolage is launching an interactive website called StayTrueNow.com which will increase awareness for the brand’s anti-diversion strategy in the salon community and among consumers, and explain why it is so important to purchase salon products only in authorized outlets including salons and professional stores.

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