Organic Product RAVE: Tammy Fender Cleansing Milk

Serums are big right now. I have a herd of them on the top shelf of my etagere begging for my attention. Honestly, they confuse me. So does their popularity. At a time when women are pairing down their beauty budgets, why push serums? Most importantly with cleansers like Tammy Fender's Lavender & Fo-ti Formula No. c-129 cleansing milk on the, why buy anything else at all?

Tammy claims to address one’s physical, emotional and spiritual well being through her highly attentive formulas which combine certified organic, traditional European ingredients as well as Chinese herbs and even some colloidal silver for good measure. Her stance on beauty is rooted in the ancient philosophy of Yin and Yang, the foundations of holistic medicine, whereby Yin pertains to the structure of the cells and Yang relates to the body’s "chi" energy. Sounds like a bunch of new age make-believe, no? NO.

This cleanser is changing my life. I want to savor every drop but to spoil myself I just lathered everything from my belly button up with this gentle milk and let the Clarisonic Body Brush go to town. I feel like a new woman and at the end of this week, that's saying a lot. Also, add a dab to the end of a q-tip and moisten. Even the metallic flecks of Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Eye Pencil (which usually hold onto to my eyelids for dear life defeating average makeup removers) can't hold on. Tammy Fender has done with one cleanser what most, serums, makeup removers, toners, and masques can't accomplish individually. No wonder The Breakers finally got ahold of her. Enjoy!

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