Dr. Zong’s Tips for a Healthy Home Spa Experience

Dr. Zong just sent us these most fabulous and practical pedicure tips. After a year (yes a full 365 days) with consistently colored nails, I have finally let my fingernails breath and they are so thankful. I'll consider giving the same relief to my toes...in the fall. A Southern girl simply can not have bare toes in the Summa'. Let's see what else we can learn from Dr. Zong, Manhattan's foot guru.

  • Bacteria can flourish in dark, wet places, such as a bathroom medicine cabinet. Be sure to sanitize your nail clippers by soaking them in boiling water and wiping them down with rubbing alcohol every few weeks
  • Say NO to self-surgery! Anything that hurts, such as removing deep-set ingrown toenails, will cause more damage than good. If you have a painful nail, see a doctor right away

  • Check expiration dates for beauty products like scrubs, lotions, or soaks. Open containers that sit around for a long time unused can collect bacteria and easily infect cuts in your feet – including blisters
  • Use simple Epsom salt and warm water to relieve and revive tired feet. It often has similar properties as fancy spa soaks but can cost several dollars less at a drug store
  • Give your toes time to breath. Nails are their healthiest when they are exposed to air and water. When changing nail polish colors, check nails to make sure they are not discolored – this is a classic sign of toenail fungus and can go unnoticed if nails are always painted

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