Balinese Beauty Booty

I've got Bali on the brain lately and my beauty products seem to be falling in line accordingly. Though I have no trips planned for the immediate future Em and I are tossing about ideas of a Balinese Birthday celebration for the big 3-0. (Still way more than a year away.) In the meantime let's all take a sensory flight from reality and immerse ourselves in the beautiful bounty of Balinese beauty booty.

Mistral Eau de Parfum Balinese Vanilla

Delivered from France in a classic glass atomizer this bewitching and harmonious, Mistral Eau de Parfum captures treasured scents in their purest form. Highly coveted botanicals, exotic woods and spices, rare flowers, and essences of ripe fruits contribute the many notes of their fine fragrances. The Balinese Vanilla perfume is a powerful, alluring fragrance inspired by the serenely scented spice markets of Indonesia. Blended from geranium, amber, exotic woods and irresistible patchouli, this perfume envelops you in an Eau of all that is Eastern. Enjoy!

Bali Breeze Rejuvenating Shower Cream by H2o Plus

H20 Plus’ newest, limited-edition body collection, Bali Breeze includes a four-piece line with a juicy mango and creamy coconut blend combined with marine botanicals for island inspired hydration. This creamy coconut shower gel took me directly back to the days of outdoor showers, and machete carved coconut drinks after long trips aboard the Balinese boats of my youth. (I'm a lucky f!#*er.) Check out the full Bali Breeze collection here. The sugar scrub and moisture gloss are also to die.

Bali Lime Papaya Candle by Pacifica

Brooke, Pacifica's in-house perfumer says, "The tropical air in Bali is heady, humid and laced with exotic, indescribable and beautiful scents. In this blend I have tried to capture some of the mystery, sensuality and spirit of Bali"of her Bali Lime Papaya creation. Pacifica's candles create the watermark for indulgent, heavenly toxin-free scents. Read more on the full line of Bali Lime Papaya products by Pacifica.

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