Banner Day in Beauty: L'Oreal Bare Natural Mineral-Enriched Eyeliner

Girls, it was a banner day in beauty here at the SPOT. First we finally tried out this lovely new earth-friendly eyeliner from L'Oreal, then we got the most lovely sponsor for a beauty event we are planning, and then at dinner my eyeliner actually turned heads. Kid you not.

L'Oreal's new Bare Naturale Eyeliner is super easy to apply, precise, and gentle on the most sensitive eyelids (mine puff up at the slightest mention of chemicals.) It didn't smudge on this the hottest southern summer day, and came off easily with my lovely Tammy Fender Cleanser-turned-eye-makeup-remover.

All three shades (Onyx, Slate, & Cocoa) are preservative, talc and fragrance free. These easily wielded wands are also made of 100% natural Gmelina wood. I've scoured the Internet and this pencil is sold out everywhere. Run to your local drugstore girls, run!

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