The Same Questions I Ask Everyone....With Tammy Fender

Girls, Tammy Fender is taking skin care up a notch or ten. Her perspicacious perspective on beauty and skincare is informed by twenty years of aesthetic expertise and passionate research. If you don't frequent Southern Florida, please (I beg you) acquaint yourself with her organic skincare line. The Lavender & Fo-ti Formula No. c-129 cleansing milk is the best cleanser I have ever, ever encountered. In fact now that my bottle is mostly empty I have re-filled it with water and use the diluted solution as a powerful organic makeup remover. Without further ado, here is the legendary Tammy Fender.

What is your first memory of beauty products?
My memories of beauty products begin with my grandmother and her love for crèmes and oils. To this day, I continue to embrace applying my oils and crèmes as a sacred moment, beginning and ending each day.

At what age did you start wearing makeup?
I can’t recall a specific age, but I love wearing make-up for evening and special occasions. I think the key is finding a balance between your natural radiance and the way makeup can highlight your best features….for me it is a little mascara and lipstick.

If you could apply only one product for the next month what would it be?
My quintessential Serum is an all-in-one for me because it offers pure protection and nutrition in its most concentrated form, feeding the cells with vital energy and nutrients while it moisturizers, replenishes and restores – I use it several times a day as a serum, moisturizer (face, hands, elbows), applied to my lips, around my eyes and to the ends of my hair for health and shine.

If you could give one product to all women in the world what would it be?
As I would want for myself, I would share the Quintessential Serum, a best-selling cult favorite.

If you could ban one harmful ingredient from all beauty products what would it be?

What is your favorite skincare ingredient?
Bulgarian Rose…it is considered one of the most valuable essences of all, requiring more than 7,000 petals to produce a single drop, and has been recognized by the earliest healers for its curative and beautifying attributes. Having the highest frequency of all the essential oils on the planet, Bulgarian Rose is the most powerful cell rejuvenator, bringing balance, harmony, health and beauty.

What is the last product you created?
My newest product creation is the first in my Professional Treatment Series, the Skin Tone Lightening System. This 2-part system utilizes potent botanical brighteners and powerful natural ingredients to treat and correct hyper-pigmented and uneven complexions. This system is the first of its kind drawing on botanically based ingredients to provide professional caliber results at home.

Who is the business woman you most admire?
I admire Alice Waters as a pioneer in the organic food movement and her passion for sharing the purest, healthiest and happiest way of life through consuming the living energy of the earth. Her work is simply an expression of her truest being.

Whose beauty do you most admire?
I see beauty in all beings; being open and receptive to all forms of beauty allows me to honor, embrace and learn from the beauty I see in each person.

What was your best Spa experience?
My best experience was the day I came to my spa on my birthday (as a client!) and felt the nurturing and healing experience of holistic treatments from my dearest friends. The energy and happiness was all encompassing.

Besides your own, what is your favorite brand?
I love brands that offer hand-made products because you can really feel the art of their creation and the love and energy that comes through such products.


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