Stunningly Beautiful Home Fragrance by Casa Di Francesca

This unique fragrance collection was inspired by Francesca, a true Renaissance woman, and one of the few women to tour Europe via the Grand Tour in the late 1600's. With Francesca's story as muse, Designer, Katie Borghese created Casa di Francesca, inspired by both the storied Italian lineage of her family, the Borghese's, and Katie's love of art and travel. Being a woman of Italian heritage who also loves art, designers and travel I couldn't help but hope this home fragrance would be everything it's rich history allowed for. And it is. Fantastic. The Wild Strawberry is currently blowing my mind and redefining the love I have for my own apartment home.

With a stunningly beautiful array of Italian-made diffuser fragrances, glass blown vases , and hand crafted accessories, Casa di Francesca makes otherworldly dreaminess a very reasonably priced element of home decor. Both the clear glass vases and the artful Murano Glass Diffuser Set, inspired by one of Francesca's most unforgettable memories - her trip to the beautiful island of Murano, house inspiring palletable scents. Reminiscent of the great glass artworks of Italy and famous throughout the world for the brilliance and ingenuity of its hand blown glass, the enchanting Murano vessels are simply beautiful. Enjoy!

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