DC Beauty Tour Photo Album

Girls, I'm back in North Carolina and my 7 year old sister is with me so I don't have much time to talk. Here are some pictures from the DC Beauty Tour to tide you over until I can write again. (How does A Mom in Red High Heels do this?!!)
Spa Patio at The Red Door at the Willard. Amazing
Ted Gibson & Gibson Girl, Anne Hathaway

Phyto Hair Care at Ted Gibson.

The Willard Hotel Lobby

Me, Stylin' & Profilin', and Yummy 411 - these girls know their beauty.

Lindsay Ebbin, National Makeup Artist for The Red Door Spas gives GouldyLox Reviews a seriously fab touch-up!

Enough said.

Me & Bliss

View from the W Hotel


Tammy said...

Amazing! What a great tour. SO, so jealous you went to Ted Gibson! Was he in town?
I am glad you had fun and had such a great time exploring the BEAUTY of DC with this lovely group!!

PS Get your sister involved in the photo taking/ product sampling and she'll feel like she's part of the process. They tend to get less jealous of your time online if you involve them ;)

Laurie said...

Ted wasn't in town but Neven was and he is so amazing! Thanks so much for the advice with my sis. Post to follow: Sissy's beauty picks. A preview she LOVES Juara's rollerball perfume oils.