Savvy Skincare with Dove and Alba Botanica

Girls, I just got out of the shower and I'm almost certain I've stumbled upon the ultimate combination in eco-friendly, savvy, revitalizing cleansers -Dove's New Body Wash and Alba Botanica's Foaming Rainforest Cleanser.
Dove the sensibly priced, standby (can you believe Dove is 50?), has delivered a new line of body washes with NutriumMoisture™. I chose the unscented version for sensitive skin and my body drank it up like a college girl at her first frat party. I applied this from the neck down.

For the face especially though, I like to stick to organics. Especially if those organics emerge from the intersection of miraculous rainforest anti-agers, heavenly, tropically-scented organics, and sustainably managed forests. Cheers to Abla for delivering my favorite green gel facial cleanser of 2009. (Pictured above with the rest of it's recently birthed brothers and sisters of the Rainforest Skincare line.) Enjoy!



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This is the most amazing read that I have read all week :P

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