Molton Brown Launches Limited Edition Facial Oils

Luxury British skincare has taught me one critical piece of information. Facial oils are not an item of desire but rather one of necessity. Part aromatherapy, part nectar of the Gods that can deduct decades from your crows feet, a uniquely-packaged highly-potent facial oil is as indispensable as mascara. You heard me. "as mascara!"

Who better to cultivate exotic spices for such facial oils than luxury British brand Molton Brown? This week they introduce a standout line of limited edition facial oils. Already used in the Molton Brown spas, these oils are now available for $58, for a limited time, to consumers at all emporia locations as well as at

Packaged in lavishly decorated glass vessels, each container bursts with potent essential oils. The three different formulas, Tunesian Neroli, Somolian Myrrh and Hungarian Wild Carrot, are designed to be used in place of a moisturizer- they are easily absorbed into the skin to regenerate and repair throughout the night. They can also be integrated into any skincare routine to suit different skin types to rebalance and moisturize. Simply warm a few drops between palms, inhale the aroma and sweep across the face, neck and d├ęcolletage. Enjoy!

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