Egg-White Facial Soap Courtesy of The Soap Opera

Chuck and Chuck, the cheerful proprietors of The Soap Opera, never fail to surprise me with their ingenious product selections. Hand picking the finest natural products from countries near and far and often European, The Soap Opera provides a truly magical beauty experience. If you are not lucky enough to call Madison, Wisconsin home, you can visit their virtual outpost to purchase their new Egg White Facial Soap from Sweden.

Before there was "product", Swedish women maintained, and still do, some of the most beautiful complexions in the world. How? Egg white facials at home. Work up a good lather with this rich egg white soap, let it sit a bit on the face. Impurities are drawn from the skin naturally. Rose water adds softness.

Soapmasters to the Royal Swedish Crown , this family owned Victoria Scandinavian of Helsingborg has been producing fine soaps in Sweden for over 100 years. Soaps are produced with original formulas that date back to the 1800's and each fine soap is hand pressed in antique molds and presented in vintage print boxes. Loves it.

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