Rachel May be Getting Married but Anne Hathaway is Getting Ted Gibson.

I've met both Ted Gibson and Marriage (by proxy) and I'd say Anne Hathaway is getting the better deal, by far. Anywho, Remember when I interviewed Ted Gibson and he said the two looks he was most proud of were Angelina Jolie on the cover of Rolling Stone and Anne Hathaway at the Oscar's? Yes me too. Well it seems he won Ms. Anne over for life. She has looked radiant and flawless at every award show so far. And mostly the look is about Ted Gibson. In my experience Ted has so much love and talent to give you can't help but walk away from him feeling beautiful. According to Ted Gibson himself, Anne has used the Ted Gibson straightener (pictured below) and the Ted Gibson hair sheets for every event. She likes it so much in fact that she uses the Ted Gibson hair straightener all the time and keeps a supply of the hair sheets with her whenever she travels.

Ted Gibson Hair Sheets- Features the exclusive Ted Gibson complex of silk amino acids, vitamins A, B5 and E, wild orchid extract, hydrolyzed collagen (marine), silicone compounds, UV absorber and natural lavender oil that eliminates the look of dry ends with a non-greasy feel $25

Ted Gibson Hair Straightener-the Ted Gibson professional hair straightener does more than just create pin straight hair. It can be used from wet to dry and it can also be used to create bouncy curls. $275


Anonymous said...

sending hugs XOBETTY

Teri said...

ooh - I didn't know that Ted made a straightener. I am totally loving my new Sedu and this one actually looks almost identical to it. I think I need to check this out in person.