New (divine!) Milk Bath from Farm House Fresh!

After a recent, transformative weekend spent naked and submersed in the healing hot springs of the North Carolina mountains, I can't get enough of steeping myself. Historically I've been a salt bath kind of girl but, if we are speaking historically, I've also never turned down much of anything served in a handled mason jar.

Similar to my new most favorite winter vacation spot, this blueberry scented milk bath brings instant calm to irritated skin. This jar is pure, “wholesome” goodness, with soothing Chicory Root to reduce inflammation and swelling and sweet almond oil to hydrate. The fine-sifted, pure whole powdered milk base is rich in twenty essential amino acids, vitamins A and D, and the sweet buttery fats that make milk the ultimate skin softener. Available in vibrant Blueberry or Nectar fragrances, each vintage-style glass mug provides eight deep-tub baths. $28 for 16 oz jar

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