Home Shopping Network's Faces of Beautiful You Episodes 3 and 4

Faces of Beautiful You featured two more stunning products. If you try nothing else from the home shopping network's in house series you MUST try the Ahava mud pack. Amazing.
Perlier Milk and Vanilla Bath and Body Duo
Wrap your body in the sweet smell of vanilla folded into a sensuous mousse with Perlier Milk and Vanilla Bath and Body Duo from Italy.
AHAVA Pure Spa Getaway Exclusive Kit
Escape to an oasis or relaxation and pampering without leaving home with the AHAVA Pure Spa Getaway Kit. Treat your body and soothe your soul.

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Princess Perfect said...

Thanks for the tip about the show. I never heard of it! It's funny and talks about some great products. You're right, I really do love that AHAVA mud pack. More episodes, please!