Zico Coconut Water, Pulau Sempu, and Spa Hydration.

Spa time = rejuvenation. But what about after leaving the spa? Wellness experts say that following intensive spa treatments such as a deep tissue massage, it is imperative to rehydrate as massage therapy releases toxins from muscles that must be flushed from the body as soon as possible. Yesterday, we added Zico to our list of spa-friendly concotions and were delighted.

From our days of camping on deserted, equatorial Indonesian islands we can attest to the value of coconut water. Seemingly every Indonesian male above the age of 5 is capable of shimmying up the tall tropical trees, using their machete to lop of the top half of the coconut, and sticking a straw inside before presenting it to tired westerns. We always loved this post-Pulau Sempu ritual and now ZICO has circumvented the entire 48 hour flight to Asia and malaria medication process for you.

Made from 100 percent pure coconut water ZICO Coconut Water contains more potassium than a banana and five essential electrolytes. What’s more, ZICO is packed with cytokinins which are powerful antioxidants that detoxify the skin by removing free radicals from the body. They also aid in the regeneration of new skin cells and help clear debris from older cells, leading to healthier, younger-looking and softer skin. Also, we got totally jacked after drinking this yesterday at the office/medi spa. Enjoy!

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