HSN's "Faces of Beautiful You"

Faces of Beautiful You, the first show Im aware of completely built around beauty products now also has a widget. The widget allows you to customize a virtual beauty bag with a multitude of interactive features. You can watch episodes on the widget itself, read and write reviews on featured products, receive special offers and discounts on HSN products, and get the latest makeup and beauty tips. Find out more or grab the widget here. Here are three lovely products highlighted this month!

M. Asam Classic Peel Off Mask
Formulated with grape seed oil, German-made, aromatic and helps leave your skin feeling silky smooth and supple.

Elysee Optim-Ox Oxynate Creme
Its light conditioning formulation was developed to optimize your skin's own natural oxygen.

Ice Elements Exfoliating Gel
Renew the look and feel of your skin with the help of Ice Elements Exfoliating Gel. Exclusive technology lets you see a difference in just one use!

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