Beauty. By Dooney and Bourke.

Next to my desk is a three tiered metal sheet holder. For a few months now a fairly harmless page, torn from the Nordstrom's Catalogue, has occupied the second shelf. Not urgent business, just a red bag and an inkling that this was possibly the One. Made for me. Perfect. The stuff of fairy tales.
Upon visiting the local Nordie's there were no samples of this specific model in the large size. There was one medium brown version. Yuck. Being a fairly curvy girl, I like my bags big. With well cut lines and leather that reminds me of my first horse's dressage saddle.

After my glorious Sunday at the Spa at Pinehurst (story forthcoming) I strolled with one of my besties through the shops inside the Carolina. That's where I spotted her. In red. In the large size. Full sentences are escaping me. I nearly knelt down to pray but instead shouted "Oh my god you have it! Nordstroms doesn't even have it." All told I spent about twenty minutes with Dooney and Bourke's Large Hobo bag in red. It is ridiculously large, covering the majority of my torso but the absurdity of carrying a piece of luggage as a day bag is as endearing to this laptop totting blogger as well, a straight man who can talk skincare. At $265 there is no way I can justify buying it, unless of course banks start accepting editorial product samples as currency. (Given the Times article about Annie Leibovitz borrowing $15 million against her life's work, I'm thinking beauty banking may not be too far off.) For those of you who do invest in this, the most beautiful bag ever, enjoy!

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