La Mer SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid (or My Skincare is Smarter Than Me.)

Girls, I'll be honest. I used to love La Mer because it's from the ocean. With the launch of their new gemstone-packed, particle physics-lovin' fluid in March I now also love La Mer because it's brilliant.
La Mer founder Dr. Max Huber firmly believed that there are energies within the light spectrum necessary for our well being. The Max Huber Research Labs have built on this principle to engineer a formula that harnesses the power of light in a daily hydrating sunscreen. The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid provides broad spectrum UVA/ UVB protection as well as an array of visible light-transformation benefits. (That is just exactly the lesson where I gave up on AP physics in high school. Can we get behind a reworking of the curriculum from the lens of skincare?)
The Protecting Fluid also uses gemstones to enhance the formula’s anti-oxidant activity. Semi-precious tourmaline and Brazilian malachite capture light energy and then transform it into beneficial green light to boost the Fluid’s powerful anti-oxidants.

The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid contains exclusive Hollow Photonic Spheres to help reroute light and scatter individual light waves. Light enters the spheres and is “bent” and redirected. The SPF 30 UV Protecting Fluid helps protect skin against damage with sunscreen while its Hollow Photonic Spheres create a flattering light effect that helps the skin appear more luminous and radiant. I've diligently secured myself a sample and will be reporting back to you, my lovely readers, on it's price-productivity ratio. At $65 per 1.4 oz, that's my job.

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