Dancing With The Stars: DIY Looks for Luscious Locks!

ABC’s hit Dancing with the Stars is all about glitz, glamour, and gorgeous hair. The Dancing with the Stars Tour brought cascading curls and super star shine to the lower 48. For an action packed 2 and ½ hour live stage performance, Hair Department Head Russell Latham and Hairstylist Robert Wilson need products with incredible staying power and style memory.

“With only 2 hairstylists and 2 makeup artists, you are rocking and rolling, cranking the hair out, and out, and out AND the looks have to last for the entire show of heavy, full-out dancing. You have to lock-in those hairstyles, and they have to look good sideways and upside-down.”

Hair Department Head Russell Latham and Hairstylist Robert Wilson share their DIY tips for the Marlee Matlin's voluminous curls!

Clean hair was blown dry with a tiny spritz of White Sands Liquid Texture Medium Hold. Before setting with a curling iron, a tiny bit more Liquid Texture Medium Hold was applied, curling the dancers’ tresses in the desired pattern of the night and clipped. Upon returning from makeup, the clippies were removed and hair would be teased at the root. Curls were then fingered out into gorgeous waves, securing the look with White Sands Infinity Hair Spray. As each dancer arrived backstage before the show, White Sands Stuck Up was applied to lock in that hairstyle for the rest of the night.

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